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We Hear You is a multi-faceted startup company that is finding new, innovative solutions to problems that have impacted many individuals for far too long.

Modernizing Accessibility

We Specialize in Inclusivity and Accessibility

We Hear You recognized a lack of accessibility-focused technology for those who need it most. We think complacency is unacceptable. So we chose to act.

Innovative solutions to Accessibility Problems

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Push Device
Product Rendering

A contactless, mobility add-on

Push Logo

Remotely open accessible doors with the simple push of a button.

Push aims to address a problem many individuals face when moving through the world with mobility exceptionalities.

This product also helps individuals cognizant of germs, living a busy life, or whatever the circumstance.

American Sign Language Translation Software

We Hear You Sign Language Translator

The We Hear You American Sign Language (ASL) Translator has the capability to turn hand signs into written text and speech as well as turn written or spoken English back into ASL.

This will help to remove the communication barrier for many who use ASL at coffee shops, grocery stores, concert venues, among many other places.

The goal is to not replace interpreters but to act as an alternative in places where interpreters are not ADA compliant required.

ASL Translator Screenshot
Screenshot of Software User Interface

A Book To Celebrate And Educate Diversity And Accessibility

Carden: The wheelchair Warrior

Carden: The Wheelchair Warrior is a children’s book with the goal to gain accessibility awareness and inclusivity.

The book has been written by Pierre Paul, CEO of We Hear You & was inspired by Carden Wycoff, an accessibility consultant for We Hear You, who uses the alias “Carden: The Wheelchair Warrior” as an accessibility advocate for justice.

This book tells a story of a young girl just trying to fit in on her first day of school.

Pierre Paul

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Bethanie Couri

Chief Operating Officer

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When people ask why it is what we do, we simply respond, “We Hear You”.

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