Who We Are

We are a handful of individuals who believe diversity and inclusion should never be the afterthought of innovation. Instead, we know it should be the foundation.

Founder and CEO

Pierre Paul

Pierre Paul is the founder and CEO of We Hear You. Pierre mentors underprivileged children in the community, is a nationally ranked public speaker, and uses his voice to be an avid social justice advocate. He was awarded first place in the 2020 Bradley University Big Idea Competition with his company We Hear You®. Pierre graduated in December 2019 with his Political Science degree and will complete his Masters in May of 2021. He has also earned a certificate from eCornell in Diversity and Inclusion. Battling poverty when his family first moved to the US fuels his drive to use his entrepreneurial skills to benefit the lives of others.


Bethanie Couri

Chief Operating Officer

Twenty five year old, Bethanie Couri, brings a unique perspective to the team as she comes from a long line of successful entrepreneurial individuals. She received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and her Masters in Business Administration. She is passionate about creating a brighter world around her and bringing harmony to a disharmonious world. Growing up in a family business and learning the value of giving to others, she firmly believes in the power of helping others without seeking recognition.

Matt Kirchoff

Cheif Design Officer

Matthew Kirchoff is a Game and Software Design and Developer with a background in User Experience Design. Graduating in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. Matthew will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Game Development at Bradley University following graduation. Matthew also assists with other various projects and causes such as the design and development of local non-profit organizations’ websites.

Jessica Lang

VP of Community Engagement

Jessica is a Human Resource Specialist from Peoria, Illinois. She became deaf shortly after birth and at the age of two, American Sign Language became her first language. She believes that being an advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in the deaf community will create a better integration and raise awareness of deaf culture, sign language, communication accessibility, and content accessibility. She believes that communication barriers are one of the biggest challenges and a common issue in social settings for thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Ann Schnabel

UX Engineer

Ann Schnabel currently works full-time as a User Experience Engineer in Indianapolis. Her latest venture involves starting a web design agency called Vertical Soup. Through Vertical Soup, she and her best friend, Ari Newhouse, create custom websites for small businesses in the United States. While they don’t have a website of their own yet, they work every day to craft user-centered designs for their clients.

Zach Swords

ASL Interpreter

Zach Swords is a local central Illinois native, an aspiring ASL interpreter, and works for a Non for Profit Organization known as Mended Hearts Stable Inc. He serves as a volunteer, stable hand, projects assistant, and looks to further his education. He has served the local deaf community in multiple volunteer aspects throughout his career to provide Sign Language Interpreting services where they are not being provided for the community.

Brandon Michael

ASL Interpreter

Brandon is an American Sign Language interpreter, as well as a Deaf Community advocate and ally. Brandon has worked within the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community in a number of roles. Within the interpreting profession, Brandon has worked in educational, performance, video relay, and community settings. He studied the culture and community in depth throughout college while obtaining his bachelor's degree from Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Aside from his passion for the Deaf Community and Culture, Brandon has a love for connecting, impacting, and inspiring those to find what they believe in, and live in that belief.

Our Developers

We partnered with Bradley University's Computer Science class of 2020-2021 to develop the software that makes our application possible.

  • Zack Seiple
  • Daniel Shaw
  • Erik Gonzalez
  • Paul Kaske
  • Joe Santoni
  • Jerod Lockhart
  • Evan Meyer
  • Adam Byerly
  • David Brennan