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Remotely Open Accessible Doors

Opening Doors to your success

The push device allows compatible accessible doors to be opened remotely.

The handicap door must also have a Push™ receiver installed to function with the Push™ device.

Ask your local businesses and organization about installations, or direct them to us.


This small device can be taken anywhere, and used to open any accessible door with a Push Reciever. 

Problems Solved

We Hear You aims to address a problem many individuals face when moving through the world with mobility exceptionalities or germ cognizant individuals.


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The push device is compatible with a range of accessories to suit your every need.

Spring pin bars slots on the side of the device allow the attachment of various accessories such as mobility device mounts, or compatible wristband attachments.

Using the spring bars and most modern smartwatch bands, the device becomes wearable and can be placed on your wrist.

The indicator light is just an indicator of activation, not of a successful door open.

Battery replacement: A Single CR1632 Battery Cell. The replacement slot is found on the back of the device.

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compatible doors

Push Sticker

Any accessible door installed with a push™ receiver unit is compatible with any device.

A push™ sticker indicates accessible doors compatible with push™

Any door with this sticker has been adapted to use our push device.

Push Sticker

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